John Deere

With the Red M Fleet Management Program, we offer you the best of the best when it comes to preventative maintenance. It is proven that regular maintenance can increase the overall lifespan of any and all equipment, which is why we set you up with regular reminders for oil changes, valve adjustments, etc. based off of our recommended service intervals. 

Fleet Management

Tire Services

Everyone knows what Central Alberta winters can be like,  which is why we strongly believe in using winter tires during the colder months. Red M offers a great selection of winter and all-season tires to fit your needs, whatever they may be! So come on in and enjoy a fresh coffee while we switch those tires out for you.

Tire Services

Welding & Manufacturing Services Innisfail

Red M proudly has over fifty years of combined welding experience! And with this experience we specialize in emergency work, repairs and custom plasma cutting designs. So whether you're stuck in the field or looking for that perfect welcome sign out front of your home, Red M has you covered!

Welding and Manufacturing Services