Agreto Soil Compaction Tester

Soil Compaction Tester

Agreto Soil Compaction Tester

The Agreto soil penetrometer is a device for determining the compaction of soil on agricultural land.

The ground is pierced to measure its penetration resistance and detect any compacted layers in the soil. This enables any loosening measures to be taken if necessary.

Benefits of soil compaction testers

  • Localization of unwanted soil compaction on agricultural land

  • Allows proper measures to eliminate soil compaction

  • Helps ensure better soil structure

  • Helps achieve higher yields

Agreto Agricultural Electronics

Applications Areas of the Hay and Straw Moisture Meter

Farming with Agreto Soil Compaction Tester


Farmers can use the meter to quickly and easily identify any areas with unwanted soil compaction and so take the appropriate action.

Testing Agreto Soil Compaction Tester


Soil compaction is an important topic. Compacted soil is responsible for many problems in agriculture.




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