Agreto Straw Moisture Tester

Agreto Agricultural Electronics

Agreto Agricultural Electronics

Agreto brings premier execution in electronically measuring and monitoring temperature for agricultural goods. Based in Austria, they have been developing in information technology and measurement equipment for over 30 years. Their goal is to offer the highest quality professional agricultural electronics equipment. 

With reliability and benefit at the forefront, Agreto is committed to continuously developing their product range while looking for new tools and measuring methods that make working in the agriculture sector easier and more efficient. 

Agreto HFM IIHay Moisture Tester

Hay Moisture Tester 50cm (Standard Length)

Agreto PFM II Baler Moisture Tester

Baler Moisture Tester

Agreto Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe 1.5m (Standard Length)

Agreto Soil Compaction Tester

Soil Compaction Tester