Agreto PFM II Baler Moisture Tester

Baler Moisture Tester

Agreto PFM II

The Agreto PFM II baler mounted moisture tester is a fast determination device for measuring moisture content during the baling process.

The baler-mounted sensor measures the moisture content of the material in real time during the baling process, enabling the driver to react immediately.

Benefits of a baler mounted moisture sensor

  • Live moisture control while baling, with real-time information

  • Ensures food quality and prevents damage through fungal decay or rot

  • Increases storage security and prevents the risk of fire

  • Optimizes baler utilization

  • Saves time and costs due to unusable bales

Agreto Agricultural Electronics

Application Areas of the Baler Moisture Meter

Agreto Moisture Sensor in Round Baler

Round Balers

In a round baler, the sensor is mounted in a suitable position in the side wall of the chamber. Ideally the position should be in the lower third of the bale size.

Agreto Moisture Baler in Sqaure Baler

Square Balers

In a square baler – either a  big or small square baler – the sensor is mounted in a suitable position on the side wall at the end of the bale guideway.

Baling Hay with Round Balers


Farmers who have their own balers can have a moisture meter installed in the baler to ensure that they only produce bales with a low moisture content and of optimum quality.

Making Hay with Agreto

Agricultural Contractors

By being continuously informed about the moisture content of the material, the driver can optimally use the time windows for harvesting whilst ensuring a good level of quality.

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